'Why electricity supply worsened in Nigeria' Seun olagunju.

The Transmission Company of Nigeria, TCN, has said that the major cause of the worsening electricity situation across the country is pipeline vandalism.
In a statement on Friday, the General Manager, Public Affairs, of the firm, Nigeria’s sole power transmission company, Seun Olagunju, said the “major cause of the current low power generation is not particularly the fire incident but the vandalism of gas pipelines that resulted in short supply of gas to thermal power generating stations.’’
Mr. Olagunju also confirmed the fire incident at the Afam V power station.
The fire, he said, completely destroyed TCNs protection and control equipment in its relay and control room.
The incident which happened on January 18 has constrained the evacuation of guaranteed 450MW generation by the station .
He said the fire incident occurred at about 6:58 a.m.
“TCNs equipment at the power station were completely destroyed.”
The cause of the fire, he said, had not been ascertained.
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